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Our Story

Our retail journey began in 2015 when we opened our first store in Rotterdam. We offered a curated collection of second hand furniture and plants to brighten peoples’ homes. As if home goods and plants weren’t enough, we began featuring old collections of Mingo Kids, a Blijdorp founded clothing label. It was a huge success. We added other labels, and soon the clothing business began to take over the store. Coincidentally, a beautiful spot directly across the street from our original location opened up in our hour of need, and Across the Street was born.

Across the Street is an outlet that specialises in the finest sustainable kids clothing. Our inventory is comprised of old stock and samples, mostly for kids between 0 and 14, but we also have a small selection for adults. All of the labels we work with are small independent companies who make high quality pieces that can be handed down to siblings or friends after rigorous use. We can say this with certainty because our own kids have been wearing these clothes for the past 8 years! Every piece deserves a new little owner, and we want your kids to look amazing while hopefully making the world a tiny bit better.

We only use biodegradable, recycled or used packaging materials.

Label owner, brand agent or retailer?

We’re always on the lookout for new labels or pieces to add to our collection. If you think your label is in line with our philosophy send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.